Malta’s geographic location is the ideal base for material storage and services in the Mediterranean. Our facilities represent a crucial link in the global warehousing and logistics chain within a free-zone environment, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for clients seeking a single, strategically located and integrated centre for distribution in the region.

Carmelo Caruana offers storage of sea and air cargo right in the heart of the Mediterranean at our dedicated, state-of-the-art facility at Malta Freeport.

Two warehouses, yard facilities and equipped office space are operational round-the-clock and manned by security at all times. Merchandise can be stored for unlimited periods, with no minimum volume requirements and complete insurance cover in a secure and controlled environment.

We provide warehousing facilities and services for heavy machinery, steel and electronic products, pharmaceuticals, clothing, building materials, automotive and oil field equipment.

Thanks to Malta Freeport’s strategic location along major global shipping routes and its regular worldwide connections, our facility allows for seamless cargo flow to support distribution operations.

Just six kilometres away from Malta International Airport, our warehousing facilities open up excellent opportunities for sea and air links for clients trading in time-sensitive cargo. Malta’s national airport has a well-developed airfreight handling capability, offering regular flights to and from various destinations.

What’s more, Carmelo Caruana is the leader in Onward Supply Relief (OSR) for non-EU cargo, destined for member states.

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